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Branding has always been a key element in the marketing of products, and this is as true today as it ever was, with companies like Driving Growth, a UAE branding agency, working with clients to develop their branding to deliver improved ROI.

Branding is no different to any other area of marketing in that it has to develop and evolve as the business itself does.  That means it’s important to be aware of what the upcoming trends are going to be.

More Political
The world has always been a political place, and that’s certainly the case at the moment, with Trump and Brexit being global topics, as well as political change in Europe and across the globe.  Companies have not missed this trend, and increasingly they are making political statements that may either alienate or attract consumers.  When Trump banned visitors from certain countries in March 2017, several companies immediately made their stance known on this issue – Starbucks, for example, announced it would hire 10,000 refugees and AirBnB said it would offer free accommodation to refugees.

More Simplistic
It also seems that companies will start adopting a more simplistic approach to advertising, marketing and branding.  They will no longer try to ‘trick’ consumers with clever ploys and techniques, everything will become more transparent.  This is following the general trend that people nowadays don’t want to be sold to, they want to be communicated with.

Less Logos
Another trend is likely to be the decline in popularity of the simple logo, and a move away from the logo being an intrinsic element of branding.  The Nike swoosh and the McDonald’s arches will forever be part of these company’s brand, one would assume, but the simple fact is there isn’t much more to be done with logos – everything has been done, copied, mimicked etc.  Logos will likely become more part of the function of a branding campaign, responsive and functional.

More Technology
Other technology-driven trends are we are likely to see much more use of virtual reality tools, and also a more focused approach on how to incorporate things like artificial intelligence into branding.

If you would like to find out how Driving Growth can help your business with its branding.


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