Dubai Web Design and Abu Dhabi Web Design

As the digital age continues to develop and extend its influence into all areas of life and business, so does the importance of having an effective and efficient website to ensure the traffic is maximised.  Driving Growth, a UAE  web design based consultancy, are able to help their clients develop their websites to maximum effect.

Evolving State
If you can think back to websites two decades ago compared to those we see now, you can see how far things have moved on.  Even looking back only half a decade and the advancements are huge. It’s therefore important to understand what makes a website work for the user, and build that knowledge into the design of a particular site.  Of course, dependant on the purpose of the Dubai web design, be it to inform, persuade or simply entertain, the final product will look quite different but the same basic principles can be applied to all.

An important element in any successful website is the images.  They have to be relevant to the website in question as a starting point.  The images have to portray your business according to its ethos; you need to decide if you want to include images of your product, or people – regardless the chosen images must reflect your business accurately.

Related to images is video. We have all heard the expression “a picture tells a thousand words’, well, how many words does a video tell then.  If you take a look at a lot of successful websites you will find they include a video, possibly on the homepage.

Navigation is another key feature to consider.  People use the internet because they want speedy responses, and easy to use websites is something users are looking for.  Studies have shown that most people can handle between 5 and 9 pieces of information comfortably, and website designers build that into their thinking when deciding how many options to have on the site menu.  However, there has been a noticeable trend towards minimising the number of options on the site menu – Paypal for example has only 3.

The performance of the website itself is another critical consideration. Experts suggest that 1 second shorter loading time will increase traffic by 5%. As said before, people want fast responses and having to wait another 2 or 3 seconds for a page to load is going to reduce their satisfaction levels and possibly the likelihood of them revisiting the site.

The above outlines some of the most important considerations when designing a website.  If you would like some advice or information on how your business’s website can be improved, please contact Driving Growth.


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