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The power of the brand should not be discounted; branding is one of the most important tools a business can utilise to make sales – businesses in Dubai are working with Driving Growth, a dubai branding agency, to make sure they are maximising the potential of their brands.

What is a Brand?
When a company develops its brand, it is effectively saying to the world this is us, this is what we stand for and believe in.  That’s why creating an effective brand is so important – the brand is the company in the eyes of the consumer. The physical representation of the brand will be the name, the logo, the design and any symbols the company wishes to use to differentiate it from its competitors in the marketplace.

Great Branding
There are some very recent examples of branding being done perfectly, where the product, the message and the branding come together in a consistent and persuasive manner.

Ello is a social networking site that has to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – a pretty big challenge.  Ello is competing by having a product that is free from advertising and doesn’t sell user’s details to others – social networking without the commercial aspect if you will.  To strengthen this message, the website itself is minimalist and free from clutter, with black and white font and simple layout. Great branding.

Jet is an online shopping company which is trying to compete with Amazon.  To do this, the company had to think of something different, unique, to persuade customers away from Amazon and the like.  The unique proposition they came up with was to introduce a pricing strategy that reduced prices as customers shopped – the more they buy, the cheaper the prices becomes.  With this strategy, and the transparency evident on the site, Jet has seen high levels of loyalty and retention in a highly competitive market.

Slack is a messaging app that faces up to Skype, Gchat and Messenger. It decided to create a brand that would be seen as businesslike and professional, but playful and friendly enough to avoid being seen as stuffy and boring.  It’s a  fine line to tread to create just the right balance, and Slack seems to have got it right.

Airbnb took on the major travel chains and hotels to create a different type of accommodation experience – sleeping in someone else’s home.  This became acceptable, or normal, by reinforcing the idea of travel as an adventure, an immersing and cultural experience.  Without a doubt, this has proven to be a hugely successful branding exercise by Airbnb.

These are examples of how a company can develop a brand that allows them to compete with the giants in the industry, with great success.

If you would like to talk to Driving Growth to find out how it can help you with your company’s branding.


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