Trends in UAE Mobile Apps – Qatar Mobile App – Dubai Mobile App

With conservative estimates suggesting that 77% of the population in the UAE are using cellphones, it’s not hard to see why the application, or app, market is booming.  The numbers of apps available is increasing daily, with an estimated 5 million plus apps available in the region according to the latest available figures. Driving Growth, based in Dubai, can help businesses develop their digital media presence, including the design and development of Dubai mobile apps.

App Types –

With such a massive number of apps available, it is a good idea perhaps to try to categorise the apps into sections.  These would include education, communication, productivity, entertainment, social media and music.


There are a number of online education apps available for students in the UAE.  Sometimes known as MOCCs (Mass Online Open Courses) these allow students to choose from a wide range of courses and programmes, many of which are free.

Communication –
Messaging apps are as popular in the UAE as anywhere, with Whatsap the most popular.  However, the UAE adopts strict policies towards such apps and the likes of Whatsap Call and Skype are currently illegal to use. Despite this, the numbers of Skype users is estimated to be high.

Productivity –
The range of apps to improve user’s productivity and efficiency is huge, with popular desktop apps such as Microsoft Word finally becoming a mobile app. Their are countless others available which help users make the most of the technology available, and their time to use it.

Entertainment –
The likes of Hula, Netflix and HBO are big players in the entertainment apps field. Streaming apps such as the above are becoming increasingly popular globally and the UAE is sure to follow this trend.

Social Media –
The UAE is no different to anywhere when it comes to social media apps.  It’s estimated that around 89% of users have Facebook, whilst only 16% use the business-oriented LinkedIn. About 75% are You Tube users.

Music –
There are a variety of music apps available.  The world’s number 1 music streaming app, Spotify, is available in the UAE, as is Apple Music. Anghani is another, more locally focused app available.

As the above clearly shows, the range and quality of mobile apps available in the UAE is growing fast, and any business that wants to be in front of consumers really needs to start thinking seriously about the app market.

If you would like to know how Driving Growth can help you develop a mobile app for your business, contact them.


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