Driving Growth Group – Dubai Live Events

As business becomes more competitive, the range of marketing tools being applied becomes more and more varied, with such as Qatar public relations and live events in other parts of the UAE being amongst the types of things businesses are doing to help give themselves a competitive edge. Driving Growth are a consultancy based in the region who are able to help clients benefit from their knowledge and experience in the field of marketing.

Importance of PR
Public relations, PR, is an effective means of promoting a business to the public at large, if handled properly.  Handled well, it can portray a business in the best possible light, alternatively, handled badly it can portray a business in the exact opposite way.  Therefore, it is clearly important to ensure any PR activities are managed very effectively to ensure the desired positive outcome is achieved.  There are a number of basic rules to handling PR effectively.

Focused Communications
With the volume of communication being sent, it’s no surprise that those within the industry complain about the unsolicited, unfocused and irrelevant communications they receive.  An effective PR strategy will ensure that only the right people are sent the right messages to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In order to ensure the right people are sent the right messages, it’s necessary to conduct research, using the internet, internal sources, and other media to identify who might have an interest in a specific topic.

As with many areas of business, timeliness is critical in PR.  Reporters, and others who need to be involved, need to get the information they need in a timely manner to ensure the message can be relayed at the right time.  This is particularly critical when dealing with things like breaking news and other time sensitive communications.

An effective PR professional will be able to ensure that they are seen to be respectful to others’ time and interests, so will not bombard potentially interested parties with messages, nor will they offer the same story to many others within the same organisation, or offer exclusives that are not exclusive at all. Similarly, good PR people know to take account of previous dealings with reporters and other such parties to ensure they know how best to work with them.

Honesty is another key quality in the PR business.  PR professionals must be honest with their contacts in terms of what they can give, and what they cannot.  This includes deadlines, exclusives and content. Failure to be open and honest will damage a relationship and quite likely the possibility of working with that party in the future.

The importance of having an effective PR strategy, with people who understand the importance of the elements detailed above, will go a long way to ensuring positive outcomes for a business in terms of its PR activity.

If you would like to know more about Driving Growth’s services, and how they can help a business use PR effectively, contact them.


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