Driving Growth: UAE Advertising and Qatar Advertising

Qatar advertising has always been a vital element in business, with the first known modern advertisements regarded as being those found in newspapers in the 18th century in the UK.  They were used primarily to advertise newspapers and books. Today, advertising is in itself a whole industry. Companies like Driving Growth, a UAE consultancy based in Dubai, can help their clients plan and implement effective advertising campaigns.

Ancient Egypt
Long before the above advertisements appeared in the 18th century, advertisements of some description were found to have existed as far back as Ancient Egyptian times.Egyptians would use papyrus paper to create sales messages and wall posters.  These included lost and found advertisements found in both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

In China, the earliest form of advertising is believed to have been purely oral, with flutes made of bamboo being used to advertise candy.  Later, written forms of advertising such as calligraphy signboards and inked paper, identified as being common between 969 and 1279.  In the same period, a copper printing plate was known to have been used to print square posters advertising a needle shop.  This is held as being the earliest identified printed advertisement.

In Europe, with large numbers of the population being unable to read or write, it was common for shops and service providers to use pictures and symbols to represent their products rather than written words – a cobbler would have an image of a boot, for example.  Another oral form of advertising was when sellers of fruit and vegetables would announce their presence to customers by shouting from the back of their carts.  Prior to the era of printing, the 15th Century, the three most popular forms of advertising medium were trademarks, town criers and signboards.

The UK
Moving into the 18th century, the era of modern advertising began, with the newspaper advertisements mentioned above becoming commonplace in the UK.  In addition to advertising newspapers and books, these newspapers also advertised various medicines as people became increasingly interested in alternatives to traditional treatments. As people became more and more affluent, so did the range of products being offered in advertisements.

The above shows how far the Dubai advertising industry has come since the earliest days of advertising.

If you would like to know how Driving Growth can help your business maximise its potential through an effective advertising campaign.


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