Driving Growth: UAE Web Development

The increasing use of the internet for business, and its resultant importance, has made the need to have an effective website even more critical to a businesses’s success. Dubia Web Development based Driving Growth can help businesses grow through their online activity.

Billion Sites
There are over 1 billion websites today, making it vitally important to have a website that enables a business to stand out from the competition. In 2016, there were a number of noteworthy and addictive websites regularly visited by the internet’s estimated 3.75 billion users.

Where Cool Things Happen
Where Cool Things Happen is a photo website that focuses on things like art, travel, lifestyle, and anything else that has a WOW factor.  The photographs posted include a vast range of topics and subjects, from Sushi to Google’s server bars, and everything in between.

The Chive
The Chive is another photo website.  This focuses on the weird, zany and wacky.  Quirky pictures, photobombs and stunning landscapes are amongst the things that have been posted on the site in 2016.  It’s probably true that the site caters more for the younger generation, but there is certainly something there for people of all ages.

Attack of the Cute
Another photo site is Attack of the Cute.  This site caters for animal lovers, with users uploading pictures of their cute pets, or even animals they have seen at zoos and other such places.

This Is Why I’m Broke
This is a website dedicated to those who love shopping, or at least window shopping.  The products featured are mostly unusual, including jetpacks, clothing, personal gadgets and freaky furniture amongst other things.

Lifehacker is a website that gives tips on everyday things such as cooking, growing vegetables indoors, finding jobs to match your skills and strengths – pretty much anything.  It’s a very interesting and useful site for help, tips and advice on a vast range of topics, making it one of the hot sites in 2016.

Sploid is a news and lifestyle blog which provides interesting content on science and nature themes.  Weather anomalies, human achievements, scientific gadgets and wonders have all been covered on the site.

The above represents just a tiny selection of the many great websites around.  If you would like Driving Growth to help your business develop its website to ensure maximum effectiveness, please contact them.


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