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Live events can be of varying size and complexity, with larger events usually requiring specialist companies to manage the process – Dubai event management company Driving Growth has a wealth of experience in event management, having helped their clients with numerous marketing events. They have not only helped clients in Dubai, but have been involved in Abu Dhabi event management and Qatar event management in addition.

Types of Event
The types of live events that are possible are as varied as they are complex to organise.  They might include festivals, ceremonies, conferences, formal parties, concerts and conventions.  The scale of each event varies according to the purpose and, of course,the budget.

Define the Purpose
Event management is like any type of business project, it requires certain key elements to be in place to be a success.  The process begins with identifying the purpose of the event, and therefore the scale of the event and who will attend. Dependant on the purpose, and client preferences, an event might have a concept, and this needs to be closely followed throughout the whole process.

Logistics – People
Managing an event requires a great deal of logistical skill, with a large number of people, equipment and other requirements involved.  Staff from the host company will need to be coordinated, as will all of the sub-contractors from the various suppliers that will be hired.  The venue staff must also be included in this coordination. The attendees also need to be organised in terms of invitations and any particular needs they may have.

Logistics – Other
As well as ensuring the people element is managed, there are a range of other logistical concerns.  Transportation and parking has to be provided, as do any necessary permits or certificate that may be required. Insurance has to be obtained, including public liability insurance.  Failure to consider any of these might result in a material affect on the event itself, up to and including cancellation in extreme cases.

Health and Safety
Health and Safety considerations are paramount when organising large scale events, and the event manager has to ensure all such standards are met, even including sub-contractors and service providers.  Crisis management plans have to be in place in the event of any major incident. In addition, contingency plan are needed in case some issue occurs with the venue, or any of the essential people or equipment involved. Depending on the size of the event, security is almost certainly going to be needed.

Enlisting Professionals
The above is a brief outline of the main elements to be considered when managing an event, but is by no means a complete list.  The success of any event is dependant on the skills of the event manager in coordinating all of the individual elements, and doing so in a timely manner.  It is no easy task, which is why most businesses prefer to enlist the services of a professional event management company like Driving Growth mentioned above.

If you are considering having a live event and would like Driving Growth to help you create a successful event, please contact them!


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