Marketing and UAE Web Development

The development of internet technology has impacted how businesses operate, with UAE web development changing how companies in the region do business in a variety of ways.  Driving Growth are a Dubai-based marketing consultancy which is able to utilise its expertise to help clients make the best use of the opportunities the internet has opened up.

Global Reach
One obvious, yet incredibly powerful, way the internet has changed the business world in the UAE,  with Abu Dhabi web development and Dubai web development setting the pace in the region, is by allowing businesses to connect with customers anywhere in the world in real time. Before, a business would most likely either focus on local customers, or larger overseas ones, with the obvious limitations on business expansion this had.  Now, no matter how large or small a customer may be, or where in the world they are located, they are able to do business.

Mobile Optimisation
Whilst the internet continues to be popularly accessed through desktops or laptops, the ever increasing use of mobile phones cannot be ignored by businesses looking to reach the maximum number of potential customers. Around 10 billion mobile devices are being used around the globe.  This means that when businesses plan their internet initiatives, they need to ensure they are going to be equally effective on mobile phones and personal computers.

Social Media
The use of social media is another development that businesses need to consider.  With Facebook being the third largest community in the world with around 1 billion members, it is only behind the countries China and India in terms of population.  There are also Twitter and LinkedIn to consider, as well as numerous other platforms.  Social media represents a major opportunity for a business to interact with customers, existing, old and potential.  Therefore, when a business plans its marketing strategy these days, it has to include social media as one potential medium.

The above represents just three of the ways in which the internet is changing the face of business, opening up opportunities not available before.

If you would like to know how Driving Growth can help your business utilise the internet to exploit business opportunities, please contact them!


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