Should You Ditch TV Ads In Your New Qatar Advertising?

In this age of advanced technology where the internet plays an important active role in our daily lives, many entrepreneurs plan on shifting their Qatar advertising from traditional media, specifically the television, to digital ones. Will this be a smart move?

Internet VS Television Ads

Many advertisers are viewing the internet as the future of brand advertising. But many are still hesitant to leave traditional television advertising because they believe it is still the main media for brand building.

According to studies, online ads perform the same as TV ads according to bases set by advertisers. But if certain parameters are taken into consideration, TV advertising appears to be more effective than its online counterpart.

TV as an effective advertising medium

Ever since the first official, paid TV ad was aired on 1941, television remains to be the most dominant advertising medium today. In fact, it accounted for 37% of all ads in the world in 2015.

This year, many foresee that entrepreneurs will use and spend more on online ads rather than television ones.Qatar digital marketing has been an important strategy in brand building but has become even more vital in this digital age.This is due to the massive number of consumers spending most of their time on the internet. Many even prefer to shop online than going to the mall or stores.

This is how important online marketing has become. The sports apparel brand, Adidas’ chief executive Kasper Rorsted even said that they are turning their back on TV advertising. They want to reach a higher level of revenues and digital channels will get them there, as Rorsted claimed. He also said that the younger consumer engages with them through mobile devices. So, having a Qatar mobile app is essential in this digital marketing plan.

Even with this predictions and conclusions, big name brand Procter and Gamble, the biggest ad spender in the world, tells digital platforms to do better with their advertising, since the ads don’t meet their standards.

A 2014 meta-analysis found that TV is the best profit generator, with online displays being fourth, even behind radio and press advertising. Chief marketing officer of Coca Cola, Marcos de Quinto, clearly said that the television is critical to the brand. It generates more sales than digital, he claimed.

With all these said, it is clear that every aspect of brand building should be given attention. Entrepreneurs must have adequate knowledge in brand building to succeed. And of course, they should have a team of branding experts on board to make sure of everything. Just like what Driving Growth promises its clients. To know more about this branding expert team, just visit their website.


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