Excellent Dubai Web Design Trends For 2017

One of the budding opportunities in the largest city in the emirates is Dubai web design. New companies and businesses are emerging alongside the ongoing development and expansion projects in UAE. The progression opens up more job opportunities and is making web design one of the lucrative business. Demands are high as companies are quickly realizing the need to implement web design. The web is an ever-changing environment that requires new technologies to adapt to its continuous evolution. These web technologies are popping up at such a rate for the purpose of pushing web design onward to the future; hence the needto identify trending web developments.

Up-And-Coming Web Developments

The Mobile-First System – Several years ago Qatar web design was directed only for computers until the rise of mobile devices. The focus shifted when realization dawned that the digital future lies in mobile applications. They began to notice that the average person owns only one computer but owns about two or three mobile devices. They predicted correctly that the number of mobile devices being used will eclipse the number of computers being used. Mobile-first design always starts with the design on small screen mobile devices like smartphones, move on to tablets and lastly to computers.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) – This is another web development approach to creating a very flexible web site that automatically adjust content displays. This is regardless the size of devices or whether it is a mobile device, a computer or even a smart TV.

Rapid Prototyping Tools – This a major web design breakthrough for Abu Dhabi web design and a very important tool for any serious web designer. This nifty tool gave designers a way to produce active blueprints of sites and services to measure usability and look without the need of coding. This provided designers a working preview of their work.

Other trending web developments this year are the following: UI Patterns and Framework that improves both UI and UX patterns that are now more consistent and user-friendly,original imagery is getting the spotlight over stock imagery as both clients and users are preferring authentic imagery, the popularity of engaging and entertaining advance animations as opposed to non-moving static images, and the increasing number of video integration on website pages for story-driven functionality and for marketing. Since the year is not over yet there is still a high probability of new web developments to be released in the coming months.

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