2017 Top UAE PR Trends for Brand Building

Communication is ever-changing and with it the ongoing evolution of UAE PR. Your business must learn to adapt to the changes or risk being left behind. It is the way it is since the beginning and the transformation is highly dependent on consumer direction. What your business should do to keep up with the changes is to alter how it operates, how it manage expenses, how it inspires the team and most crucial of all, how it can reach out to your target audience. Advertising and the usual form of communication that you are used to are no longer as effective as you think. The trust, interest and attention of your consumers are dropping. Mastering the new ways of connecting is the answer to the catalyst of change – your audience.

Fast-growing Brand Trends for PR in UAE

The Digital Appeal – When Dubai PR joined the mobile generation it opened up a new opportunity for brand building marketing. You know how important communication is to marketing. This is why you need to tap into the latest technology and take advantage of what the digital world can do to brand building.

The Human Touch – Amongst the many ways to build your brand through several marketing strategies, consumers are now preferring direct communication with brands. Whilst there are still companies that implement a “robotic” approach with their public relations, it is quickly losing lustre and appeal among consumers. Being human and reaching out using human emotions and habits is what catches the attention of the consumers today.

Importance of Personal Branding and Emphasis on Thought Leadership – Sticking a famous name to your brand is one way to help your Abu Dhabi PR. Take Nike as an example. Nike use the name of Michael Jordan and many others to sell their now successful brand. Thought leadership marketing is about hiring an authority on a particular subject to promote your brand.

Brand Influencers versus Media – Whereas thought leadership takes full advantage from an authoritative figure, influencers on the other hand makes full use of influential persons. People find more credibility through word of mouth which makes influencers like bloggers and vloggers effective as a popular substitute for media and plays an important role in strengthening your marketing campaign.

Effective Visual Storytelling – People now prefer to watch and listen than to read. Visual content like images of all sort and video clips are the “in” thing today. Your target audience will have a much better understanding and awareness through these visual contents.

There is a seasoned team of brand building experts waiting for you and they are more than ready to drive up the growth of your brand. Check out Driving Growth Group, professional experts in crossing the full spectrum of brand assessment, brand strategy, PR and marketing communications, operationalization and brand management.



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