Six Problems Why Your Dubai Social Media Marketing Campaign Is Failing

It is good that you understand the direction of your Dubai social media marketing strategy. All its fine points, strengths and where it is most effective. However, you don’t see the whole picture completely. There is another side to social media marketing that you must fathom to fully be successful. Yes, right now your campaign is doing good but for how long? Disregarding or dismissing one or more problems may affect the performance of your current and future marketing campaigns. Worst still, it becomes a very bad habit of your company that shouldn’t be ignored. What you really need to do is to fix these problems and make changes as soon as you can. Finding the kinks and chinks of your company’s armor in time, is crucial for better improvements and success.

Reasons Of A Failing Social Media Marketing

  1. Not taking social media seriously – The lack of a proper social media strategy for your Dubai digital marketing means that your business is getting little to no engagement. Failing to broadcast the necessary messages to your target audience will make it hard to measure success.


  1. Zero Content Strategy – Getting lazy on posting content for some time may have adverse effect on your audience. They will have the impression that you are not sincere, serious or probably out of business.


  1. Too much content is not nice – Your audience will likely get turned off if you spam them with more than two updates per minute. That’s about or over 20 content updates in just 10 minutes! You should avoid post overload and doing 1 to 5 posts per day will be enough to get you the engagement.


  1. No Social Media Investment – A Qatar digital marketing business suffered because of poor email list, lackluster blogging, inactive website, and lacking media assets like videos, info-graphics, and so on. Don’t be that business!


  1. Boring – Your audience want to interact, get engage and be entertained. A site without a profile description, does not apply hashtags, not using images and active images, has brand inconsistency, no sharing and linking, not efficiently making use of the platform, posting old contents or failing to provide what audience demand are several reasons to turn off your audience.


  1. Lack of Professionalism – Providing cheap quality content, consider engagement with audience or interaction with followers a waste of time, has no human element, very slow response time with comments or not responding to negative feedbacks, buying likes and getting fictitious followers and fake fans, and having no plans for lead generation are all pointing to a lousy and incompetent business.


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