Current State of UAE Advertising Industry

The Middle East region has become a rich destination for marketers with the UAE advertising industry leading the other GCC countries in advertising expenditure in the first quarter of 2016. Since 2013, consumer trust in online and mobile ads remained consistent until the last quarter of 2016. After four years as the emirates booming and fastest growing medium, digital advertising took a bit of dip in November with a 14% decline in digital ad spending that continued on until January of 2017. Even so, the figures are still higher compared to that of 2015 and UAE still became the top GCC country when it comes to advertising spending in the first quarter of 2017. You are wondering what exactly happened, right?

What Happened Exactly?

Whilst digital ad spends have seen exponential growth way above ad industry average since 2012, the slight decline that happened does not necessarily mean a reduction of consumer trust. Consumer trust and market confidence are still both strong and going stronger. In order for you to understand what happened is to follow the very direction of the advertising industry itself. Take Dubai advertising companies for example. Consumer attention are being shifted away from traditional ad forms because advertisers were transitioning from the likes of straight-up banner into advertising through social media platforms. You see word of mouth and its significance to advertising had always played an important role to the decision making process of consumers. A huge percentage do trust opinions and feedbacks online, on mobile and through social media. These companies are trying out new emerging trends and strategies for improved advertising on a much greater scope. Social media and mobile advertising is the way to go.

Why Is The Change So Slow?

Not all companies are quick to adapt to the changes or move to the newer advertising trends. Some Qatar advertising agencies are not updated with the latest strategies or are slow when it comes to testing out the trends. To be frank they are indeed playing it safe. Who’s to blame them when audience attention can revert back at any time? This said the advertising industry is ever-changing and continues to evolve. It is hard to predict the outcome of the industry although you can follow its direction. It is up to you whether you go with the flow or wait it out. Do not wait too long or you will be left out by the competition when if ever they struck gold.

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