What are The Changes in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Dubai Web Design?

Like with all modern web design, Dubai web design had to adapt to the changes brought forth by emerging trends and to whatever clicks with audiences. This means that your business web site has to implement new ways to attract prospects. If you think that just because you already have a web site then your company is all set for everything. Unfortunately, that notion is entirely wrong and is in fact a common misconception. Web design is an ever-evolving process and the one that you have right now may already be out-dated and no longer as relevant as it was a year ago. Web designs in Dubai that is up to the times are now implementing a mobile-first strategy giving importance to mobile apps, using RWD or Responsive Web Design, taking advantage of rapid prototyping tools, giving emphasis on patterns and frameworks for user interface, getting more into original and authentic brand images, doing away with static images and embracing animations, and integrating the increasing popularity of videos.

The Emerging Web Design Trends in Abu Dhabi

In order not to be left behind by new web design trends impacting the rest of the world, Abu Dhabi web design also has to follow the latest technology and techniques utilized by popular web sites. Like with Dubai, the constant changes to be made are a necessary process in order to remain relevant to the current times. Some are already reaping the benefits of Dynamic Search for their businesses, moving into easy to use card based design layout, adding eye-catching CTAs or Call to Actions as a clever way to engage customers, making use of high resolution images for their brands and products, showing the appeal of pop-ups, and the inclusion of a nifty yet essential Payment Gateways to help with their businesses. If you noticed it by now, there are indeed changing standards that are set for web site designs that are happening at the moment. If your company is quick to jump to whatever is new means that you have the adaptability to beat the competition.

What’s New in Qatar?

The latest in Qatar web design trends include anchoring big, bold typography to their homepages that complements minimalistic web designs, showing high-quality Cinemagraphs in the form of GIFs or videos to add moving activity to static pages, experimenting with unique layouts that are more eclectic in structure and composition, pushing for the return of bright kaleidoscopic gradients, artistry through rich layers of colour, and unusual illustrations, getting out of norm with Dual Tone colours, geometric shapes and patterns with overlapping images and texts, even using a combination of vertical and horizontal text, and a web site design being more modular than ever before.

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