Starting Your Own UAE Advertising Agency: Is It Even Worth It?

You may already have heard or had seen UAE advertising becoming a thriving and booming business anywhere in the emirates. The growth of the advertising industry in the regions is mainly due to the coming Expo 2020 which by itself caused the escalation of industries in the Middle East. You are now reading this article and thinking of maybe establishing your own advertising agency or an advertising branch for your company. Are you even aware of the cost, effort and time for starting one? Do you expect it all to be easy and every process as smooth sailing? If you intend to do this for the sake of promoting your business, marketing your services and products, and building your brand – better think again.

Dubai: The Heart of Advertising in UAE

Let us go deep into the central hub of UAE business, and by this I specifically mean Dubai advertising, where the Expo 2020 will happen. The boost of the advertising industry in Dubai are coming from well-established advertising firms or thriving agencies that are doing outsourcing work for some time now. Not from new or upstart businesses for two reasons. These companies have yet to make a name for themselves in order to have a significant contribution to the industry growth. They also have to face pretty stiff competition from the multitude of overflowing advertising companies. There are already too many similar businesses in the region. Do you get the bigger picture now? Most of their profits and source of ROI are coming from selling their advertising services to other businesses. This means that organizing a marketing department within your company, not to outsource, but solely to advertise your company, services, products and brands in an exclusive manner is going to be a business gamble.

What about Other Regions?

Setting up a Qatar advertising company or any location among the emirates will still be the same thing! It will be a hard and ruthless undertaking for any upstart. You will need serious capital for starters, you will need to hire, train, and provide salaries for your own team of advertisers/marketers, provide space for this new branch or department within your company, trouble yourself with planning and management, do the arduous task of coordinating with different government departments, learning about procedures, laws, rules and regulations concerning advertisements, and spending most of your time maintaining everything along with other company tasks and obligations. The best option for you is to do what others have already done – just hire the services of a refutable advertising agency. Let them do everything in your place and the good part? It will be way cheaper, will require minimal effort, and will lessen time for your company to catch public attention for a service or product and buildup of your brand.

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