How Important Are UAE Mobile Apps In Today’s Media Landscape?

Back in 2015, UAE Mobile Apps had the highest penetration of mobile apps globally. The following year, we saw an unprecedented “explosion of apps” caused by the insatiable appetite of technology and information savvy millennials. Because of the technology’s increasing popularity and subsequent creation of a vast digital fertile ground for app developers, it will surely usher in the golden age of mobile information. This year more businesses are getting into a media landscape dominated by devices. With smartphones making life easier and can almost do everything with just a touch, mobile commerce became even more convenient. Yes, you got it right! App-related content creation and consumption is the “in” thing right now in UAE. Just for the figures alone the UAE dominates the Middle East mobile app industry by 60 percent. But how significant are mobile apps in Dubai and Qatar today?

Dubai is preparing for the highly anticipated Expo 2020 which will attract more app developers in the succeeding years. If you can check a Dubai mobile app is often brimming with features which still maintains a modern minimalistic design following the latest trends. Amongst the emirates it is Dubai that has the highest percentage in the UAE mobile industry which is why apps are often world class in design and functionality. With Dubai being the central hub of the various industries in the Middle East and one of the world’s top travel destinations, the location became a haven for the best app developers out there. It is all with good reasons that played a pivotal role in the development of that region for some time. The mobile app you are currently using pretty sure helped pushed the region to the forefront of economic growth in one way or another.

Developers of a Qatar mobile app are also pushing for excellence in how an app should look, its general purposes and importance to consumers. Not only are they innovating they are also trying to push the concept of digital marketing and brand building to a higher level. Businesses and companies are fully aware apps are becoming important in the whole media landscape more so than laptops and desktop computers. They understand that through mobile apps, they are in a sense, becoming a part of our lives. This is the underlying principle behind the current mobile apps developed in Qatar. Regardless the various industries, mobile apps are truly significant and essential to any business. Though it will take quite a while before it can out shadow web sites, the apps are gaining momentum being the force behind digital marketing.

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