VR Advertising: UAE Advertising of Tomorrow

Any marketer or advertiser working for a UAE advertising company will tell you right now that animated images and video ads are the most effective form of advertising your business, brand, product or services. Advertising through these channels increases the visibility of your own company and people will be able to understand better what your company is all about. Another good thing about moving images and video ads compared to the static ads is that audiences are more likely going to purchase your brand or product and reach back to you regarding the services you offer. With next generation technology you can surely do more in attracting clients and customers.  What if you are able to integrate full visual immersion for your ads? What if your marketer can directly talk with a customer just a few feet away even though both are countries apart? What if an interested client can be able to visit your office, join your event and attend a meeting while sitting comfortably at home or in his office? These are no longer the stuff of science fiction but rather true technological reality and the future of advertising. Virtual Reality advertising is coming.

VR and Advertising

Dubai advertising companies, being pioneers of global ad trends and the forefront of new advertising technology, will surely embrace VR and tap into the immense potential of 360-degree video and near-reality immersion. And why not. VR content advertisement will allow their audiences to partake in the experience, immerse themselves completely in the brand story, hold or inspect the product virtually, and witness the services first-hand. Audiences will no longer just be viewers but hands-on participants to whatever a company is providing. Marketing and advertising campaigns will be far more interactive, provide greater empathy, and becoming more personal in scope.

VR and Live Events

UAE event management using VR beyond the purpose of advertising will have the capacity now to do virtual live events for people regardless wherever they are. Anyone can enjoy concerts and shows virtually as if they are there at the event itself. They are now able to attend conferences and meetings happening at a certain location thus saving them from travel expenses and costs. Customers can have virtual presence in a store or clients visiting your company to talk with you like in real life. Real estate agents can provide virtual tours for any property. VR tourism events are also going to happen in the future but right now, Virtual Reality technology will penetrate the various industries through advertising at first before it can be applied to other marketing ways.

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