Enhancing Your Dubai Social Media Marketing Appeal with These Facebook Ad Tips

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that Dubai social media marketing is a major factor in any digital campaign. Among all the social media network sites, Facebook still maintains the highest percentage when it comes to user base count. With over a billion users every month, it is the perfect place to primarily focus your social media marketing campaign on. But of course just because you are marketing on Facebook does not mean that you can grab the attention of people immediately or be heard over the social media noise. Your marketing and advertising team have to be proactive with the activity and be creative when doing Facebook ads. Below are some tips to help you get as much through your Facebook ads.

Awesome Tips For Your Facebook Ads

  1. Be Unique. Be Crazy

With Dubai advertising through Facebook, you don’t necessarily need to imitate or follow the standard of mostly bland and boring Facebook ads. Be creative and do something unique or a wee bit insane with your ads. Out of the norm ads do catch attention resulting to more likes and shares.

  1. Always Make Landing Pages for Your Facebook Ad

This will result to high-conversion rate for your marketing campaign by way of a prospect clicking on your ad and landing on your website. High-conversion is critical to any Facebook ad success which is why it is important you have a separate landing page for every Facebook ad you are campaigning for. Doing this will increase your long term conversion rates.

  1. Aim for Warm Audiences Not Cold

Like with Dubai digital marketing, cold audiences are those people who have no idea about your company, services, brand or product while warm audiences are the ones that are quite familiar with such things. They either have already visited your website, read a blog or article, and so on. Social media marketing works best with warm audiences who are more likely to be interested in your offers, hire you for your services and purchase your brand or product due to their familiarity.

  1. Setup Effective Ad Targeting

One of your goal for social media marketing from Dubai is to save up on advertising cost that can be expensive. You can do this by efficiently removing irrelevant custom audiences by targeting specific audiences only with high potential to convert. This way, you can efficiently save up to hundreds of advertising dollars that can be used on other ways to help your social media marketing in Dubai.

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