How to Get an Estimate of the Total Cost for a UAE Event Management Campaign

Any established UAE event company follows a certain pattern or standard when providing the estimated total cost of a specific event to their clients. Regardless whether the planned event is big or small, they can easily provide a rough estimate for the client. If you have intentions to start your own event management agency and curious how the veteran companies are doing it, their systematic approach to the expenses are based on years of experience in the business. Like you will surely encounter during the first few years of your upstart company, they have done trial and error methods to establish a more solid pricing for their event campaigns.

They have learned effective strategies, gathered contacts to supply them the materials, props, and equipment necessary for any Dubai live events and can even hire the services of other agencies to boost the campaign. Due to process they already have firsthand ideas of the possible expenses. In short, they now have enough knowledge to create a checklist with estimated prices for every fee, services, labor, shipping and delivery, supplies and materials. The company charges their clients 10% to 20% of the total event cost with 15% being a rough average. A client receives the checklist from them and can just put a check on what is required. The client also gets an estimate of the general event costs out of it all.

Possible Per-Event Expenses for Your Own Checklist

  • LOCATION RENTAL. Location rental fees depends on the event and Dubai event management companies offer several locations at varying prices for the client.
  • VENDORS and SUPPLIES. A client may need an entertainer, caterer, bartender, decorator, florist, photographer or videographer, among others plus materials and supplies. Your company may need to purchase additional supplies like food and extra props.
  • EQUIPMENT and SIGNAGE. You may need to rent lighting, sound or visual equip­ment. A client may also ask for event-specific signs and banners.
  • FEES, GRATUITIES, LICENSES and PERMITS. Expect speakers for conferences, commemorative and educational events. For big shows and events, you might hire temporary servers. Some events also require special permits or licenses.
  • ADVERTISING, MAILING and SHIPPING COST. Grand events usually needs publicity and advertising. Some small events may require fliers and even invitations. Producing and mailing fliers and invitations should be included in the expenses along with shipping of materials like flowers.
  • TRANSPORTATION COSTS. Sometimes some events require you and your team to travel or to transport speakers and attendees. Don’t forget to include this as part of the costs.
  • REGISTRATION FORMS, HANDOUTS and OTHER DOCUMENTS. The production and preparation of said materials should be included in the expenses too.

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