Innovative Dubai Digital Marketing Ideas In Modern Branding

Branding requires constant improvement in ideas and the latest strategies in Dubai digital marketing in order to keep up with the times and be in par with top businesses of today. And although social media marketing is a crucial approach for a successful brand, digital ads still have a huge impact on your business achievement.

Best Ads of 2017

A clever ad makes consumers look not just twice but thrice or more. And that alone has a big contribution to your goal of making people interested and eventually leading to a sale.

Just take a look at some of the best Dubai advertising this year.

  • Dubai Corporation of Tourism and Commerce Marketing – Cold Weather Ad

This well thought of ad will make you want to fly to Dubai for that much needed reprieve from the cold.

  • Cadillac: Arabs of New York

This ad tugs at consumers’ emotions as it shows the triumph over stereotypes and other hurdles just to achieve a dream.

  • Nokia OZO: Mo Farah in Dubai

Who wouldn’t want to go on a tour of Dubai with the world’s greatest distance athlete, Mo Farah, as a tour guide? This interactive ad gives you that experience and you will surely want more.

  • Snicker: Wrestler

The popular slogan “You’re not you when you’re hungry” has gone a long way and this time it makes you play a game with the wrestler just by using the pause button.

These ingenious ads doubles people’s interest in the brands they are promoting. And that is what you want in an ad. In order for your brand to keep up with these concepts, here are some innovative strategies for your own digital marketing.

Modern Ideas on Digital Marketing

  1. Live Streaming

Live streams are a fairly new way of getting your brand the awareness in needs. The added interest in seeing something go live are plus factors that make your marketing efforts successful. Brainstorm ideas that will make your live broadcast realistic and engaging at the same time.

  1. Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content or what we see as “stories” are shown for a limited time. Focus on important aspects that don’t look too edited or formal. Some behind the scenes or teasers would do.

  1. Content Innovation

Content marketing is a crucial step in setting your brand apart. It’s not just about a website or a blog but having fresh and new content that will spark interest.

These strategies will be the formula for successful digital marketing. Your Dubai branding agency should push you towards these latest ideas and be the strong foundation for your brand.

Look to the Driving Growth Group for the perfect guidance and assistance in achieving your dream brand. Visit their website today.


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