Tips On Traditional UAE Advertising That Are Surprisingly Effective

All the marketing opportunities that the online world has opened slowed down and lessened the efforts on traditional UAE advertising. And although the trend today still puts a lot of weight on the importance of going with the internet, the impact of advertising on TV, paper and the radio cannot be denied. And this branch of advertising should not be forgotten.

While most millennials spend their time on their gadgets and come in contact with Dubai digital marketing schemes, many adults still take time to watch television, read the newspaper and listen to the radio with all its traditional ads. The number of people who spend time on these platforms has a huge impact on brands because their product choice and decisions matter.

And it’s time you up your ante on your advertising strategies no matter what medium you use.

Creative and Effective Advertising Tips

Consumers who watch TV are usually exposed to as much as 5000 brand advertisements per day. Sadly, among this huge figure, only 153 are reported to be remembered. Same goes with newspaper and radio ads.

This shows the fierce battle for attention among brands, and the reason why your Dubai advertising should be as creative as possible and has the ability to be remembered.

Here are some tips to make your ad stand out from the rest.

  1. Coupons are sure to grab attention quickly. Have discount coupons on the newspaper, city maps, on the subway, and on tour guide pamphlets. This tactic is effective in helping your brand gain new customers since coupons give them an opportunity to interact with your products.
  2. Sponsor city maps and they will endorse your brand nicely. Maps are usually given out to tourists. If your company sponsored this freebie, your shop will have a huge mark on its pages. It will surely catch attention.
  3. Take advantage of the environment. One pet product made use of a mall’s floor as an ad space, placing a huge picture of a dog. From the upper floors, the people walking below are seen as the dog’s fleas. Their tagline reads “get them off your dog”. Now that’s a funny but brilliant ad that will definitely be remembered.
  4. Be funny, show cute animals, and make reference to pop culture. These details work wonders, no matter who your target market is.

These are just some effective tips that will surely make your ad stand out. It doesn’t matter what direction marketing takes now, as long as you use all available medium and make it good, your brand will drive growth. And while you’re at it, have the assistance of branding experts like Driving Growth. Learn about them today by visiting their site.


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