Micro-influencers VS Social Media Stars: Who’s Better For Your Dubai Digital Marketing Campaign?

Social media has been giving brands such big impact in terms of Dubai digital marketing. And having social media stars, who have followers in the millions, talk about or promote your brand is a huge deal. Recently, however, marketers have found out that having a huge number of followers doesn’t always mean a successful marketing endeavor.

Social Media Stars and Brand Marketing Strategies

Dubai social media marketing has put companies into a whole new level of brand promotions. With billions of people going online and engaging in one type of social media platform or more, the amount of exposure a product can get using this medium is massive. And for someone who has many followers, promoting a product can have so many desirable effects.

This is why many companies hire social media stars to promote their brands through social networking sites and the like. A social media star with millions of followers can get paid up to US$50,000 for just a single post.

Because of what these online stars demand for their promotional posts, many marketers find ways on how to lower the finances they allot for their social media marketing campaign. This is where the micro-influencer comes in.

Introducing the Micro-influencer

Because Dubai branding agency and marketers have realized that social media stars with millions of followers don’t easily mean successful product advertisings, they turn to micro-influencers. As compared to the hundreds of thousands of supporters that social media stars have, micro-influencers have followers in the ten thousand mark.

But why have branding experts started turning their backs on social media stars?

  • The public find it harder to believe what famous people, who have multiple advertising stints, promote.
  • Products promoted by celebrities often come across as untrue and misleading.
  • Micro-influencers are usually more relatable as compared to their high profile counterparts.

Aside from these reasons, micro-influencers are paid just a fraction of what celebrities usually get. This is why many companies would rather get smaller social media influencers rather than pay so much more for promotions from stars. And word from more relatable people usually comes as more believable, pushing consumers to choose what they advertise.

Although, micro-influencers are becoming more in demand in the business industry, companies still can’t deny the advantages of having celebrity endorses. It will always be up to you what you choose for your marketing campaign. As long as you have experts like Driving Growth guide you on the right track, your brand will soon achieve its goals. Learn about Driving Growth and how they can help your business today.



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