Be Prepared for 2018 with the Latest in Marketing from the Driving Growth Group

With seasoned branding experts ready to drive growth to your company, the Driving Growth group predicts the changes and trends in marketing in the coming year. While this year has shown great reliance on digital marketing and the “Internet of Things”, it has also opened up more possibilities in different marketing strategies and has shown where its direction is headed in 2018.

We are now in what many consider the Golden Era of Marketing. And we don’t know when and what this age will reach. What we do know is with this great period of marketing comes countless opportunities for brands to reach the top but many changes in consumer demands, as well, which companies have to satisfy.

So, with the end of 2017, we list down some Dubai digital marketing trends that you should be aware of in order to push your company to its full potential and achieve goals.

2018 Marketing Trends to be Aware of

As they say, change is the only thing that’s constant in this world. We can see these in the way everything around us has evolved. And branding and marketing won’t be left behind. The changes that these disciplines have gone through are impressive. And since consumers are always hungry for something new, marketers should not stop brainstorming for new ways to keep the public interested.

Let these ideas will help you stay relevant in the world of marketing and bring impact to your brand.

  • Contextual marketing drives growth.

The way context works well with consumers’ needs made it beat UAE advertising, with many people resorting to blocking ads because of its one-way promotion. Targeted marketing based on browsing behavior is what contextual marketing does and many find it quite relevant and helpful.

  • Purpose matters.

Consumers today are much more purpose driven in their choice of brands and products. While your goal may be sales, it is much more important to include the interests of the workers and members of the company. What this means is that consumers want to know that their purchases go beyond the company’s profit, to workers’ welfare, for example.

  • Chatbots will take over.

As powerful as social media marketing is, it has been found that consumers use messaging and chatbots more frequently to access their needs from businesses. This is due to the fact that these platforms give answers faster than any other media.

These are just some of the trends that your UAE branding agency believes will matter in the next year.

Be in the know with different marketing strategies that will give an impact in 2018 and drive growth to your business. Visit Driving Growth and have them help you reach goals. Check them out today.


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