The Incredible Power Of Dubai Social Media Marketing Through Instagram

Social media is one of the most used online activities today, and this has led to marketers making use of these platforms to increase awareness and attract customers towards their brand with their Dubai social media marketing. Although there are numerous social media channels these days, some doesn’t have a lot of followers and influence, while others are quite well-known and powerful in every nook and cranny around the world. And marketers use strategies that take advantage of top social media channels, such as Instagram, to reach an extensive audience, increase popularity, and drive growth to their business.

Social Media in Marketing

The use of social media in branding is not new. But with the advancement in technology today, the influence and power of social media such as Facebook and Instagram is reaching another level, not just for individual consumers but also to families, groups, and companies.

In fact, Dubai digital marketing with social media is taking over traditional forms of promotions. Old fashioned advertising in TV, radio and print is still widely used. But many brands prefer the more advanced and popular route today, with is through the use of the internet.

Instagram as a Dominant Marketing Tool

With the billions of people who have Instagram accounts, it is no wonder how great and influential this social media channel is. It is one of the most downloaded UAE mobile apps today. And it has even made the average person an “influencer” just by posting everyday photos with relatable captions.

As a marketing tool, Instagram can boost your brand’s identity and help it spread to a wider market than you can ever imagine. Consistency is the key to this platform’s success in your marketing strategy.

To be as effective as possible, be consistent in these content areas when updating your Ig page:

  • Message – always include your brand’s identity in every post.
  • Photos – make your photos easily recognizable even without seeing your logo.
  • Appearance – the overall visual of your posts should speak your brand, think font style, size, color, etc.
  • Timing – have a predictable schedule for your posts and make your followers look forward to it.

Instagram has proven its power and influence on consumers all over the world. With its help, it can increase your reach, your followers, customers, and sales. Along with branding experts from Driving Growth, it can push your brand to the top.

Learn more on how Driving Growth can help make your brand successful. Visit them today.



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