2018 Trends to Take Note Of in Your Dubai Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you ready for this year’s Dubai digital marketing trends? Don’t let the start of the New Year scare you off. Instead, leverage on the momentum and build a strategy from these trends that you should watch out for.

Google and Facebook Still Dominates

The digital advertising world was and will still be dominated by the world’s largest search engine, Google, and the social media giant, Facebook.

Google has always been at the top, while Facebook has just beaten out YouTube and television as the new leader along with Google in terms of digital Dubai advertising.

Knowing the best platforms to use when showing new ads is quite valuable and will help you increase your return on investment. Do keep this in mind in developing your marketing strategies.

Internet Service Providers and their Hold on User Data

ISPs and wireless providers have valuable user data on their hands. And having these data is a marketer’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to have knowledge on a consumer’s geolocation, browsing, listening and watching data, and app usage among others? This is highly prized for ad targeting and other marketing purposes.

The rise of ISPs is definitely against Google. But if you want to have a treasure chest full user data, ISPs are your allies.

Personalized Marketing

Because of the rise of ISPs, marketers are now able to offer highly personalized UAE advertising. And this is where 2018 is heading to. With the available data on consumers, personalized marketing is getting better and better. It actually increases sales.

Along with this strategy, interactive advertising will gain more interest and engage consumers even more.

Although these are just some of the trends that are expected to rise this year, they offer great insight on what to watch out for. Give these trends serious thought and act in on them. Develop strategies that, while not focusing entirely on these shifts, value them greatly. Have a team that will help you plan and realize an effective strategy that will not only bring you sales but also drive growth to your brand.

Driving Growth is your professional branding team that has a rich experience on all things branding and marketing worldwide. Having them on your brand building process will give your brand the push it needs to get on top. Learn more about this expert team and what they can do to help your brand. Check them out now.



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