Facebook Is Your Newest Leading Qatar Digital Marketing Platform in 2018

Facebook is more than just your average social media, it is now in par with Google as the leaders in the Qatar digital marketing world. Although Google is still number one, the popular social networking service has increased its rank as a digital ad leader in 2017. And with the entrance of the New Year, Facebook has beaten YouTube and television as the best place to present new ads according to a survey of ad buyers.

Social media is indeed one powerful influencer.

Where is the Best Place to Launch New Ads?

2018 is a good start for social media giant, Facebook. A survey done on senior ad buyers has revealed which platform is the best in terms of launching a new ad campaign, and Facebook came on top.

There is no denying that Google still has the greatest, most extensive reach online and its impact on digital UAE advertising is huge. But Facebook is slowly creeping its way up and is now beside the world’s largest search engine as the two new leaders in digital advertising.

The survey’s results were as follows:

  • Google and Facebook dominate the digital advertising world with a combined 63% in 2017.
  • A projected $40.08 billion will be Google’s revenue this year, while Facebook will make $21.57 billion.
  • 21% of those who participated in the survey considered Facebook video as the best place to debut a new Dubai advertising campaign, while 25% still chose TV and only 10% considered YouTube as the top platform for video ads.

These figures show how much influence Facebook has over its followers, making it an effective digital marketing strategy. No matter how huge Google is, social media is now gaining momentum and is fighting against the search engine giant for dominance in digital advertising. This is evident in the increasing interest that people have over new online social media developments like Facebook and Instagram stories that give effects similar to Snapchat.

Social media is definitely one of the best partners to have if you want to succeed in digital advertising. So team up with this leading social networking service and the best branding experts to achieve goals for your brand this 2018. Make Driving Growth your ally in bringing out the best of your brand and pushing it to the top. Drive growth with Driving Growth experience optimum branding. Learn more about them now and visit their website.




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