Being Unique Versus Connecting Emotionally: What’s Better For Your Qatar Advertising

It’s not surprising when consumers gravitate more towards brands that exude uniqueness in their Qatar advertising and in their overall brand identity. However, what stands out more and what has a major impact on the return on investment is your brand’s emotional relationship with its customers.

Brands and their Emotional Pull

Uniqueness definitely has an impact on a brand’s identity and marketing strategies. If not, people would just buy from any old brand without regards to what that company radiates, both in values and appearance.

In reality, though, while being unique warrants a second look from consumers, it is the emotional connection that the brand establishes that helps in the customer’s decision making. Surveys even revealed that people value the emotional connection of a brand more than its products and benefits. It was also found that campaigns that rely heavily on emotional content are the most shared online.

Here are some of the important and powerful effects that an emotional brand campaign has.

  • Consumers rely on emotions to make decisions rather than on facts.
  • Using emotional triggers motivate your consumers to buy.
  • People are more likely to remain loyal and engaged to your brand when emotional connections are established.
  • The emotional response to your UAE advertising is more influential to your customer’s intent to buy than on the ad content.
  • Emotions make people share your content more.

Because of these effects and more, marketers are swaying towards an emotional brand campaign and are quite focused on creating emotional advertisements.

Now, how do you get consumers to respond to your brand emotionally?

Emotional Campaign Strategies

  • Be authentic.

Don’t force consumers to feel an emotion. Share your brand’s values and attitudes, instead. This will make you more credible and authentic.

  • Stay consistent.

This doesn’t mean you have to stay the same or predictable. Stay true to your brand’s values and emotions in ways that are fun and innovative.

  • Feel more human.

In this digital age, being human is your key to success. Be relatable, lovable and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and show it.

  • Create meaningful experiences.

Dubai live events, whether small or big, will give your brand the opportunity to create more meaning and establish a deeper relationship with your customers.

When you have established your brand’s emotional content, you are sure to drive more growth to your brand and achieve goals better. Plan, develop and realize strategies that pull on your consumers’ emotions with Driving Growth, your expert branding team. Visit Driving Growth now to know how they can help you reach the top and stay there.




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