Expect These Changes In Dubai Advertising And Digital Marketing This 2018

A few, minor changes in branding and marketing have been felt lately, nothing quite significant, but this year is bound to have major effects in Dubai advertising and other marketing platforms. With the increasing use of cell phones and other mobile devices, brands had to optimize user experience in mobile platforms which has been constantly done. And brands have also been keeping up with changes in algorithms for SEO and the changes in social media. However, these changes weren’t really game changing as far as branding and marketing are concerned.

Nevertheless, this will all change with the start of 2018. We can already feel the changes: social media, advertising laws, and so on.

Now, let’s see what’s in store for branding this year.

Challenging Ad Blockers and Privacy Issues

Privacy is a priority for brands and their customers. But with the ever growing importance of Qatar digital marketing, brands have to find ways on how to provide personalized advertising for their market without compromising their privacy.

Marketing through the internet has become quite difficult especially with the rise of ad blockers and users constantly changing their devices. It has even been found that the use of ad blockers had a 30% increase from the previous year. This makes it hard for marketers to keep track of consumers’ preferences as well as to determine which channel gives the most impact.

Demand for Visual Content and Live Videos

Todays’ generation of consumers are known to interact better with visual content. And this is why marketers are making this media their primary form of communication with the public. With all the visual content available such as videos, GIFs and memes, live video is becoming the most popular.

Reports have revealed that Facebook live videos were seeing as much as triple than that of traditional UAE advertising. The reason for this is that this form of visual content is more relatable with its authenticity and errors. And consumers are known to tune it to live videos rather than watch out for social media and blog posts.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Targeting customers and increasing return on investment is being made possible today with artificial intelligence marketing. What’s even better is that AI can run on the background and won’t take too much of the marketer’s time. Moreover, AI is predicted to succeed in the next five years.

With all these changes bound to shape branding and marketing this year, brands are putting a lot of effort to employ these changes in their strategies. With the help of branding experts, Driving Growth, these methods will be quite effective in putting your brand out there and making a name for themselves. Learn how Driving Growth can help you succeed in this fierce industry. Visit them today.




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