What You Can Learn From The Recent H&M Scandal And How To Improve Your UAE Advertising

Swedish apparel company, H&M, was recently involved in a racist scandal when one of their global and UAE advertising on their website sparked controversy. In their ad, a black child was wearing a green hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle”. This drew criticisms all over the internet and the company came under fire with accusations of racism.

What to Do When your Brand gets involved in a Scandal

Companies can’t escape controversies once in a while. And when you do get caught up in one, what do you do to gain your customers’ trust back?

Here are some steps you can follow in order to save your brand and its reputation.

  • Recognize the problem and acknowledge it.

The first step you have to take when your brand is involved in a damaging controversy is to acknowledge the issue. Have a team who will immediately investigate the situation and who will keep up with the press and the consumers. Remember that staying silent actually does more damage.

  • Find friends who can communicate your side to others.

Your Qatar public relations can certainly do damage control at times like this. Communicate your side of the issue effectively with a certain group such as your friends, fans, business partners and close media acquaintances, and this group will soon do the talking on your part.

  • Overreact in favor of the consumers and offer a hefty compensation.

Compensating for your mistake may be a high price to pay. But think of it as short-term revenue and an investment which can save your relationship with your customers and even bring in more clients.

  • Reestablish your reputation.

Gather your branding and marketing team, such as the Driving Growth group and plan what you need in order to rebuild your reputation. Build future products that will make consumers trust your brand again and team up with trustworthy brands.

What happened to H&M can happen to any brand. This goes to show that even top companies can make mistakes and forget certain guidelines in marketing. But as long as you act immediately and control the damage that was done, you can save your company and rebuild your brand.

This is where branding experts and public relation officers come in and why you need a team like Driving Growth. Controversies like this are really hard to overcome and your branding team can help you find a way out of it and grow stronger in the process. Visit Driving Growth today and learn how they can build your company and drive growth. Check them out now.



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