Get Ahead of the Pack in 2018 with these Abu Dhabi Web Design Tips for your Brand

The digital age warrants every business to have its own website with focus being made on the Abu Dhabi web design’s effectivity. It’s not enough just having a website. It should be engaging, functional and informative so you can stay relevant and on top in the competitive business industry.

How do you manage to stay on top, though? With many brands fighting for their place in the upper echelon of the business world, does your brand have a chance? Of course! Initially catch consumers’ attentions and engage them with these tips that will make your website one of the best this 2018.

Top Website Design Tips for 2018

Surveys have shown that small businesses with websites take 25% of their revenue from their online strategies. This figure alone shows how much you lose in terms of customers and revenue if you don’t have your own online page.

But with thousands, even millions, of businesses having their websites, it is quite important for your own page to engage a consumer’s attention and move on from there. How do you do this? Here are some tips for your Abu Dhabi web development.

  • Give a unique user experience using interactive storytelling.

An interactive storytelling design is one effective way to get consumers’ attentions and have them glued on your page. This unique user experience will let your visitors know your brand’s story in a powerful yet relatable and emotional way.

  • Make use of new, high-quality fonts.

Making use of new fonts is a predicted trend this year. If only huge companies are able to afford high quality designs before, today anyone can use them because of Google fonts, which are free. These typographies make your webpage more attractive and will warrant a second look from consumers.

  • Customized illustrations will make your webpage stand out.

Aside from making use of images and photos in your Dubai digital marketing, personalized illustrations that fit your concept make your website stand out more. It is an effective graphic design and visual content that will make communicating your brand message more unique.

Aside from these tips, it is also important that you optimize your website and put efforts in designing for mobile use. With these strategies and the help of an expert branding team like Driving Growth, it won’t be long before visitors come flocking to your website. Learn how Driving Growth can help you in your brand building efforts and drive growth to your brand. Visit their website today.




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