Examples of Great Marketing Strategies from Successful Brands that you can Use in your Dubai Advertising

Dubai advertising in this digital age has so many opportunities to grow and be a successful part of your marketing strategies but also faces quite a lot of challenges. One such challenge is the consumers’ ever falling attention span which makes engaging them very hard.

How can brands make a genuine connection with their market? And how can brands overcome the trials in Dubai digital marketing that this age presents?

Let’s take a few tips from successful ads that were seen in the recent Super Bowl event.

Effective Marketing Strategies Seen in Ads

The Super Bowl 2018 was the ultimate platform for brand marketing. And there are so many things that we can learn from all the ads that were shown during the show. Most of which can be used in any type of business’ Qatar digital marketing.

Here are some examples and what you should take away from it.

  • Febreze

Make sure your context is appropriate to the environment, which is what Febreze served up in their ad during the Super Bowl. The event was not just a venue for sports enthusiasts but also a space for fun, family and friends. The light message, product benefits and entertainment that Febreze showed was a great example of making the context a part of the environment.

  • Verizon

As much as context is king, leading with a consumer insight is an essential aspect of every marketing campaign. This insight, made with effective communication, is what you need to engage a consumer’s attention. And the more emotional the connection you established, them more memorable your brand will be. And Verizon was a great example of this.

  • Tide

This brand exactly knows how to penetrate their message into the minds of consumers. Repeating leads to remembering. And Tide owned the Super Bowl night with their repeated line “This is a Tide ad.” The line stuck in our minds and so did their message.

  • Amazon’s Alexa

Tickling a funny bone and making consumers smile is a great way of making your message more memorable and shareable. And what Amazon’s marketing with Alexa did, by injecting a sense of humor into their ad, made people notice them in a positive way.

These takeaways from successful ads are a wonderful way of bringing success to your marketing campaigns. Add to that the wealthy experience of your branding team from Driving Growth and you are sure to have a winning campaign. Visit Driving Growth now to learn more about them and how they can help you brand building strategies.


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