If You’re in the Food Industry, Learn from these Fast Food Brands on How to Build a Successful Dubai Mobile App

With the countless food brands everywhere, along with the fierce business competition, you will need something unique to stay ahead of the pack, and a smooth Dubai mobile app can help you get there. However, experts have seen the slow growth of mobile apps these days.

So, how can you stay afloat in this business through the mobile app strategy?

Mobile Apps for your Food Brand’s Success

For years, food businesses have focused their marketing on fast sales, offering limited promotions and exclusive products, and strategies that drive food traffic to their restaurants. However, this scheme is somehow lost in the ever changing preference and new tastes of consumers today.
Consider these data from several surveys.

  • 40% of consumers prefer to order meals online.
  • Another 40% of consumers said they want to hear from a restaurant at least once a month.
  • 80% are specifically interested in receiving discounts and special offers.
  • 34% look for personalized messages from food brands.

With these figures, you would be missing out on on a lot if you lack in the online aspect of your business. If you want your food business to thrive in this fast-paced world, you need to ramp up your Dubai digital marketing and suit it to the consumers’ needs.

Food Brands and Their Game-Changing Apps

  • Whataburger – a filter for nutritional and sandwich type is available on their app.
  • Chipotle – their app has a feature that lets users place orders and pick them up at
    designated lines inside restaurants.
  • Wendy’s – has adding offers and a loyalty program for its users.

Since redeveloping their brand, Chipotle has reported a 50% increase in app downloads and orders. Imagine that!

With food delivery sales expected to increase from 2017’s $20 billion to $55 billion in 2022, according to the investment firm Cowen, food businesses should focus on marketing strategies that work. And having UAE mobile apps are one of these effective strategies.

Mobile app customers are known to order more often which makes these online programs the key to making one-time customers a repeater.

So develop that innovative app with Driving Growth and bring success to your gastronomic business endeavor. Learn how your Dubai branding agency can make your brand one of the leading food companies today. Find out more about Driving Growth and its processes. Visit their website now.



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