Does it Help to Use your Personal Social Media Account to Make your Brand’s Dubai Social Media Marketing a Success?

As a business owner, you do what it takes to make your business successful, but does using your As a business owner, you do what it takes to make your business successful, but does using your personal social media counts as an effective strategy in making your Dubai social media marketing work?While many company CEOs don’t have any interest in associating their social media with their brands, a significant group of business owners have realized the advantages of leveraging their social media accounts to make the most of their online marketing strategies.

CEOs and their Social Media to Boost their Companies

It is known that 61% of Fortune 500 companies’ CEOs have no presence on social media at all. These CEOs prefer to lead their businesses behind closed doors and have no need for social media to distract them from the already busy work life they lead. However, using your personal social media to promote your brand has many advantages as what a smaller group of CEOs have learned. One of the most important of these benefits is that it provides a huge opportunity for free Dubai PR. Learning from CEOs who Use their Own Social MediaA CEO being his own company’s influencer and PR officer brings a great deal of advantages to his brand. Let’s learn from a few of these CEOs who are masters at using their own social medias to market their brands.

John Legere of T-Mobile – Uses his Twitter to show off his rockstar personality while tweeting about T-Mobile’s products.

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway – with a total of 9 tweets since 2013, Buffett’s sense of humor shines and brings his company to light.


Ibrahim Al-Haidos of FURSAN – with 161,000 followers on Instagram, this CEO rarely posts about his company. Instead, he shows the lifestyle that his brand image projects.

Business owners and CEOs have a lot on their minds and on their hands when handling a company. But this shouldn’t stop you from going on social media and use it to help bring awareness to your brand. A few minutes, a single post or picture or anything at all can make a huge impact as well as a UAE PR opportunity for your brand.Try it and take advantage of branding experts’ help in building your brand. Drive growth to your brand today with Driving Growth. Use every strategy there is and make use of your social media to achieve goals. Learn how Driving Growth can help you with this.


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