Dubai Live Events: Trade Shows and How to Incorporate them in your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Dubai live events are, no doubt, one of the most effective ways to promote your brand, gain customers and increase return on investment. But it is also one of the most expensive marketing strategy.

However, no matter how expensive live events, especially trade shows, can get, marketers continue to use this tactic to get to consumers. They even allot a bigger budget for this strategy as they continue their marketing endeavors. All because they believe that an event is the single most effective marketing channel which provides an opportunity to establish an in-person connection with audiences in this highly digital world.

Even so, because everything is going digital in this modern age, your live events should always have a digital component. Or, can you make it so that your Dubai digital marketing can incorporate trade shows into your campaign?

Learn how you can bring something as expensive as trade shows into your more cost-effective digital marketing strategies.

Trade Shows

Now, when live events are the topic, trade shows cannot be left out. These are probably some of the most expensive live events marketing ever.

In 2015 alone, trade shows generated more than $12.6 billion in revenue. And companies’ budget for this campaign remain steady with some even increasing their allocated funds for it. This just shows how powerful trade events are for a brand.

Maximizing your Trade Show Events

With the impact on consumers that trade shows have, how can you maximize it with the help of your digital marketing strategy?

Here are some ways to effectively transition from the live event into your digital marketing scheme.

  • Leads from your booth should be top priority. Plan your lead routing strategy immediately.
  • Follow-up on your leads through emails within 24 hours.
  • Nurture your relationship with your leads in a more personalized way.
  • Make use of your Dubai social media marketing to re-target leads. One way is through Facebook Custom Audiences.

These ways are simple but effective and can easily give you the boost from your live event to your digital marketing campaign. All you need is a highly qualified team to help you in the process.

This is where the experienced and skilled team of Driving Growth comes in. Check out how they do their branding processes now and let them in on your ride to brand excellence. Achieve your brand goals with Driving Growth now.



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