Dubai Web Development:Learning About Participatory Design

The Dubai web development industry is constantly improving and always up for a challenge. And, as always, designers are aiming for the best web designs — it should not only look perfect, run smoothly and provide all the needed functions and services, it should also have what the consumer wants. So how do you achieve this perfect web design? By bringing in customers, of course, and letting them in on your web development.

All About Participatory Design

The new trend in Dubai web design is all about giving consumers a chance to participate in their favourite brand’s website design and development. And this is what we call participatory design. According to Wikipedia, participatory design, which is also often called co-design, is an approach to design attempting to actively involve all stakeholders in the design process, to help ensure the result meets their needs and is usable. The stakeholders mentioned here include employees, customers and consumers. While the traditional way of designing a website involves only the professional developers who work towards meeting what they think are the user’s needs, participatory design works with information on users’ need directly from the source.

Benefits of Participatory Design

1.It brings a new, fresh set of eyes into the design process, whose perspectives are quite different from those of the web developers and engineers

2.Customers can give useful comments on a design before it is launched

3.They can discover hidden opportunities or missed design values

4.They can think of unique ways of bringing information to consumers

5.They can develop a more innovative design as compared to the usual ones created by developers, who are sometimes stuck in a rut

Research has revealed that companies who use participatory design in developing their websites and have their products tested by end-users earn higher approval ratings. This is a benefit that you simply cannot miss out on especially when this advanced age looks critically at your Dubai digital marketing. Participatory design is not really a new approach. It has been used for at least a century already. However, its use in technology like the internet is a fresh idea, one that proves to be quite beneficial. After all, consumers should be included in every process they feel is important to them. So give them an opportunity to fulfil this need and, in the process, reap benefits for your brand. And let Driving Growth, the best Dubai branding agency help you get your target market into the design process. Drive success to your brand with this collaboration.


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