Dubai Live Events for Millenials: What To Serve Up To Them

When marketers say that live events are the single most effective marketing channel they know what they are talking about, and this is why you need to develop the best Dubai live events specifically for your target market. So when your targets are millennials, what live events should you serve up to them?

The Effectiveness of Live Events on Consumers

Before thinking of ways to come up with the best live events for your market, read up on these basics about live events first so you know how they can best benefit your brand.

Events provide an opportunity for consumers to interact with brands on a more personal level.

They have a tangible quality that may be missing from your Dubai digital marketing.

They are more capable of engaging audiences effectively, compared to other marketing channels.

They have the power to build stronger relationships with consumers, thereby fostering a sense of loyalty to your brand.

Their return on investment is tangible, and to some extent measurable over time, making ongoing improvements possible.

The Best Live Events for Millennials

With the benefits you can gain from utilizing live events marketing, you are sure to find success with your brand. What you need to do now is find the right event that will draw millennials in. Millennials actually make up a significant percentage of consumers today, especially in young regions like the Gulf. And 75% of them say that they value experiences over possessions. Having them as your target market can be a challeng because they are wary of brands’ marketing strategies. In fact, 84% of millennials say they distrust traditional Dubai advertising. So, in planning your brand’s live events for this target, it’s best to include one of these elements:

Event for a cause: Having a charitable factor behind your event will pull the heartstrings of millennials and have them sign up for it.

Mingling of like minds: A part of your event dedicated solely for the purpose of mingling with like-minded participants will answer a need  that millennials have. And that is face-to-face interaction.

Social media content: With the popularity of social media, millennials are always looking for things to post on their accounts. And, sometimes, they only attend events for this reason.

Family-friendly activities. As more millennials are now family men and women, it is only apt to serve up family-friendly activities in your events as much as possible.

Dig into your market’s needs and preferences and you will surely come up with the best event. Or, better still, team up with branding experts at Driving Growth so you can develop the right event for millennials. Learn more about this Dubai branding agency now.


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