Effective Dubai Digital Marketing Worthy of Awards and Top Status

Just recently, the Masterclassing Effective Digital Marketing Awards winners were revealed at a ceremony in London. This is what your Dubai digital marketing should benchmark itself against and strive to be. What we mean is that your marketing strategies should be as effective as those of the winners – it’s not just about bagging awards. Although having a sought-after title for your brand is a plus, it is being a leader in digital marketing and in branding in general that really matters. Let’s find out who some of the winners at the awards ceremony were and learn from their marketing strategies:

  • Telegraph Media Group and Fetch: Grand Prix Award, Most Effective Programmatic Campaign, Most Effective Use of Data — Their take on news personalisation allows consumers to read personalised news content instantly, even on the move. This is a much-needed upgrade for busy bodies, who need their daily dose of news in hectic, fast-paced life.


  • TOPSHOP and Awin: Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign — Influencers are powerful in the world of marketing, and this is what TOPSHOP showed. They created an environment that allowed them to reach out to consumers effectively through influencers.


  • Mazda UK and Mindshare UK: Most Effective Automotive Campaign — “Thinking Local at Every Level”, this strategy allowed Mazda UK dealers to have a unified programme where traffic and audience leads are pointed to the dealer closest to their location, and the results of the campaign were excellent.


  • Cadbury, Blippar and Design Bridge: Most Effective AR/VR Campaign — reinventing the advent calendar with the use of augmented reality allowed Cadbury to appeal to teenagers who felt they had outgrown this Christmas tradition…and it definitely succeeded.

These are just some of the brands that received awards at the ceremony in London. Their digital marketing strategies are worthy of discussion by branding agencies in Dubai, and many brands should learn from their tactics and follow suit. But if you are with the Driving Growth group, without a doubt your branding and marketing strategies should reach the same effectiveness as these top brands. The experts at Driving Growth have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills that will make a winner out of your brand. Find out how they can help your brand achieve goals and bring them in on your brand building. Check out Driving Growth now.


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