How to Measure Customer Satisfaction According to Your Dubai Branding Agency

There’s a reason why you have a Dubai branding agency like Driving Growth on your team. Aside from helping you with brand building and making sure you achieve goals, they also know how to measure your customer experience and satisfaction levels, which is vital in building a successful business. Being able to know how consumers feel about your brand will enable you to further develop effective strategies and improve your products and services.
How does Driving Growth do this?

Measuring Customer Experience

With their wealth of experience in branding, the Driving Growth group uses effective methods and tools to gather reliable data on consumers’ experience with your brand. And among these tools, the two that are most widely and more commonly used are Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

  • Net Promoter Scores

This is a management tool that is used to gauge a customer’s loyalty to a brand. It focuses on measuring the long-term happiness. The results can be as low as -100, which means that the customers are detractors, and can also be as high as +100, where every customer is a promoter. Having a positive score is interpreted as good, while a +50 score is already excellent.

  • Customer Satisfaction Scores

The CSAT is a useful tool that measures a customer’s short-term happiness with a brand. Respondents will choose on a scale of 1-5 to express his or her satisfaction on a certain subject. It is one of the most straightforward surveys that measures customer satisfaction with simple questions like “How satisfied were you with your experience?”

Although there are downsides to using them, these two methods have been proven effective and have helped many brands improve their strategies with Dubai digital marketing, advertising and others, for better achievement of their goals. However, there are also other, newer and more advanced ways of measuring customer experience that are already available. What you will need is a team of branding experts who will help you utilise these tools to gain better insights on consumers and show you how to improve your branding and marketing for the ultimate customer experience. This is where Driving Growth can really help. Find out how they can support you build your brand to the best that it can be. Visit Driving Growth today.


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