Learning Brand Development from One of the World’s Best Brands, Nike

What makes the process of brand development at Nike so effective that it has established itself as a top global brand, not just in terms of revenue but in product performance as well? Many brands strive to follow in this global brand leader’s footsteps where branding is concerned. And branding agencies Dubai, with their branding experts, agree that Nike’s branding and marketing strategies set them apart from the competition. This article will explore what it has done right since its early years.

Nike and its Branding Strategy

Even in its earliest years, Nike invested in marketing in order to establish itself as a leader in its market. From Dubai advertising, email and digital marketing to live events, you name it, Nike did it all. In fact, Nike received many awards for its advertisements, including Emmy’s for Advertiser of the Year in 1994 and 2003. Here are some of the reasons why other sports brands can’t beat what Nike has achieved so far.

  • Nike has established its place at the top with its marketing endeavors, investing greatly in ads and sports sponsorship. There is no other brand in the world that spends more money on funding sports events and athletes than Nike, at well over $3 billion a year


  • Nike promotes its products with celebrities, professionals, college athletes, and even everyday, overweight people just trying to get fit. Some of the most famous people include Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams


  • The emotional benefits associated with Nike products taps into the hearts of consumers. Nike does not focus on selling shoes but the healthy lifestyle that goes with it, which pulls on the values of consumers, making it a highly effective marketing campaign


  • Their products are innovative and apply the newest technologies designed for comfort and specific purpose, like the HyperAdapt and Flyknit series, for example

These and more effective strategies on digital, social media and live events marketing make Nike a global leader in sports brands. What you need to do to be on a par with this successful company is to develop your own effective strategies that will set you apart from the competition. And Driving Growth can help you with these type of branding and marketing campaigns. Visit them to find out how they can help you achieve this kind of success with your business. Check out their website now.


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