Taking Digital Marketing Lessons from the Some of the World’s Most Valuable Businesses

Digital marketing has become a crucial part of every business today, in Dubai and all over the globe. And the world’s most valuable businesses will definitely agree with this. Digital marketing actually plays a huge part in today’s marketing campaigns. This is what you should be learning from successful brands like Apple, Amazon and Google, especially when you are just starting your own business in Dubai. And, of course, having one of the best digital agencies Dubai, one of which is Driving Growth, is also an important part of the process. Branding experts know what it takes for your brand to succeed, and it is their knowledge and skills that will help get your brand to the top.

Starting Your Brand with Effective Digital Marketing Lessons

In starting a brand, you have to understand that you need to start somewhere, no matter how small that start may be. And, more importantly, understand that success with your brand does not happen overnight, it’s going to be a marathon and not just a sprint. Just take a look at one of the world’s top brands today, Apple. It had humble beginnings in a small garage, but now it has achieved so much. It is fortunate for start up businesses that these successful brands are still here today and that you can learn from their journeys. And here is some of the advice drawn from brands like Apple, Google, Coca Cola, Amazon and Disney that other brands can base their brand strategies on.

  • Storytelling still matters; all great brands have a story to tell, and so should yours. With this story comes a promise that your brand gives to consumers, and with this promise, come sales.


  • Let content marketing be a priority. With 80% of consumers learning about a brand through custom content, its impact for a brand can be huge.


  • Effective streamlining of content increases valuable visibility and awareness for your brand. Think SEO when you develop a strategy for this.


  • Video content can be considered as the future of Dubai digital marketing. In fact, 50% of consumers today look for a product’s video content before deciding on a purchase, and this is just what your brand needs.


  • Social media is powerful. And using a hashtag with your social media campaign works wonders


Following this advice and putting your own unique take on it, can be the push your brand needs in achieving success. Talk it over with your Dubai branding agency, Driving Growth, and see your brand unfold into the best that it can be. Contact Driving Growth today.


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