Why Work With Influencers In Your Dubai Social Media Marketing?

You may have come across the term influencers more than once in your quest for the best marketing campaign. If a question mark pops up in your mind with regards to this term and how it is associated with your Dubai social media marketing, then this article is for you. For many years, the marketing industry relied heavily on traditional marketing tactics, most commonly through television, radio and print advertising. And as part of the strategy for many brands, celebrities were often hired to promote their products and services. However, in our evolving world, many things have changed, especially in the way we interact with and absorb media. Traditional tactics have somehow lost their power and although they still work to an extent, they are no longer enough on their own. Social media influencers have entered the marketing picture. Who are they and what do they bring to a brand?

The Role Influencers In Brand Building 

Consumers’ preferences are constantly shifting. And in an effort to catch their attention and engage them, brands brought in influencers. These people are highly influential when it comes to consumers’ purchasing decisions. And with the way today’s population is so engrossed with social media, which is the main platform used by influencers to connect with their followers, this is probably the most relevant marketing strategy for successful branding today. Brands today hire, or partner with social media influencers, such as Instagrammers and YouTubers, and leverage their power and popularity to showcase their brand name, products, and services. Influencers can have very extensive followings, numbering from thousands up to millions of people. Imagine having your brand right there in front of that many people, you can then put a big check mark on your goal of increasing brand awareness. Aside from the significant positive effect that an influencer brings to your brand, one of the main reasons why these strategy works are that consumers are prompted to act based on the recommendation of the influencer they follow. So when a social media star says your products are great and he uses them, his followers literally follow his footsteps and use your products too. Dubai digital agencies like Driving Growth, cannot deny the effectiveness of using influencers for a brand’s success today. It is time your brand starts working with one. And when you have the Driving Growth team as your branding agency, you can be confident you will achieve great results with your influencers, as well as any other marketing tactics you use. Find out more about them today.


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